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bulletFlea Market
bulletRomance at Singapore River
bulletExhibition on SP's History
bulletAdventure of a Maritime Career
bulletProminent SP Graduate
bulleteCareerFair @ Singapore Polytechnic

What do a flea market in the Singapore Management University, a café in International Plaza, a Syrian Christian church in the Serangoon Road area and an entrepreneur in China have in common? The answer: they all contain lessons on how ordinary Singaporeans can start their own business.


Raft race brings plenty of romance to the Singapore River
The Pro/E Design Competition 2004 prize presentation held last Wednesday, 10 March was a showcase of 3-D designs that made our budding mechanical engineers look more like accomplished graphic illustrators.

There was certainly plenty of romance to go round at this year's Singapore River Raft Race. A ‘Love Boat’ race, featuring real couples racing down the river was one of the main highlights.


Exhibition on SP’s history a hit with staff and students


Ride on the adventure of a maritime career
Singapore Polytechnic’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition themed “Opening Minds, Shaping Lives” takes you on a real trip through SP’s rich history, including paintings, videos and other long-forgotten items. The exhibition was a big hit at the official launch of SP’s 50th Anniversary Celebrations and continues to draw the curious Our latest guest contributor, former RSN Naval Officer Nicholas Koh speaks out on the benefits of pursuing a maritime career, and why, particularly if you love adventure.

SP graduate - first foreigner elected to prestigious US Academy of Engineering
Striking out on his own
Yet another prominent SP graduate makes waves in international circles. Professor Shih Choon Fong, now President of the National University of Singapore, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) in the United States. Tributes and congratulatory messages have been pouring in as Singapore Polytechnic celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Straits Times RECRUIT meets a graduate who believes that the polytechnic has equipped him to blaze a trail as an entrepreneur.

Visit the eCareerFair @ Singapore Polytechnic
Alongside SP's 50th Anniversary celebrations, a Global Conference on Excellence in Education and Training will be organised with the aim of promoting educational excellence through creativity, innovation and enterprise. If you haven't done so, register for the conference today! If you are looking for jobs or job hunting tips, or need professional advice for your further studies, look no further than to the 3rd Annual online career fair from 23 Feb 2004 to 4 April 2004. Over 500 diploma level vacancies from more than 40 Employers are offered. This year’s event is also supported by the Workforce Development Agency.

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